Branding Transformation

Branding Transformation

Express to Impress – That’s what we’ll help you do!

Apart from all the content, services, customer service and customer relationship management expertise you may accumulate, the most impactful aspect of customer perception is your brand identity.
This includes the way your website looks and sounds, what the recall value of your logo is, how coercive your theme is, and how impactful your design elements in communication are.
Getting your customers to associate your brand with positivity, loyalty and good service is the ultimate goal of any branding activity – and we’re here to help you understand and better your branding initiative.
We excel in identifying the disconnects. We will examine every aspect of your branding – content, design and all and help you make a difference.
And don’t you worry – we will cover all your bases.

What We Can Help You With -

Our Branding Exercises Extend Across –

This includes content and design elements for your corporate website. We will turn the appearance of your website over – to make impressive first impressions on anyone who visits.
Your logo is what people will identify you by – it needs to be the perfect fit for your corporate identity. We work with our clients as closely as possible, in an attempt to encapsulate their essence in pictorial form.

Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

Elevating Corporate Identity through Sophisticated Correspondence.

“Marketing Communication” is widely seen as a promotional tool inside the marketing framework. It is a marketeers’ ace card to exhibit services, collaborations, clientele, products, achievements, and ideas.
We see it differently – We believe marketing communication can move customers and partners into relating with the brand!
Providing context and information that is not sales-driven or biased in nature helps audiences believe that a brand is truly what it claims to be. Including data-driven facts and expert opinions that are based on verified numbers, product differentiators and USPs can create a niche of content that is free of gimmicks and is a reliable source of advice.
Across a wide range of content formats, we deliver comprehensive information packets that can be utilized to reach out to existing and prospective customers and improve relationship building activities. Our curated content is customized to every organization’s unique customer segment and preferred delivery channels and aims to create a niche of content that is directed towards providing value-adding information to an organization’s portfolio.

Our Content-as-a-Service offerings include –

Areas We Excel In

We can help you improve and personalize direct messaging by finetuning e-mail, branding and tone of communication. Providing a template for how communication should be carried out, we aim to equip everyone at the organization with a means of communicating effectively.
We will utilize your customer database to find out what it is they want. Customer interaction analytics and interactive surveys will help us tweak the content to suit the trends of the time.
Internet, being the knot that ties global audiences together, is likely the platform with most potential for marketing communication. We have learnt how to optimize content to be clutter-free and stand out from other marketing efforts on the internet and are happy to help you do that for your brand.

SMM Transformation

SMM Transformation

Improving Engagement and Strengthening Relationships

We promise to find a Social Media Strategy that is tailored to your needs. Identifying the best possible social media strategy, and keeping up with it helps increase audience engagement, which in turn leads to loyalty – a feeling that is very important to organic business generation.
We believe in making all social media strategies authentic, transparent and relatable in pursuit of long-lasting impressions and a growth in
Our strategies are focused on identifying what the best channel of distribution is, making a long-term execution plan and ensuring effectiveness with continuous optimization based on regular monitoring and analysis.

What we can Help You With

The importance that has been paid in the past to paid advertisement is rapidly decreasing – and this is because new tools have emerged to achieve the attention that brands deserve. Nevertheless, paid advertisement isn’t redundant either. We can help you spend your advertising budget on the correct channels, at the appropriate times to ensure the ROI you envision.
Grabbing the attention of the media and getting them to talk about your brand can be like navigating through a labyrinth. But with our Public Relations expertise, getting connected with the right distributors is like having been handed a map.
Alongside the Advertising and PR, we can also ensure that social media engagement, organic click-through rate and word-of-mouth recommendations will skyrocket. While consistency and relatability are key to a strong social media strategy, effectiveness largely depends on reaching the right audiences and this, is something we can make sure happens.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Increasing Media Visibility – in One Quick Step

It really is that easy – all you have to do is hand over the reins.
At Sceptertech Digital, we aim at making PR and Content Marketing as easy as a breeze.
Securing valuable earned media can be a bit of a task – getting to where you want to be in terms of media visibility and engagement requires navigating through the constantly evolving world of media and breaking through the barriers that are in the way of your brand receiving the attention it deserves.
Developing the perfect media and PR strategy is a lot about trial and error – some tactics work for some, and not for others. Identifying distribution points, maintaining relationships and managing to make stories stick in the audiences’ minds is a lot more work than it appears to be.
Luckily, cracking the hard shell that is the audience, is something we’ve honed ourselves at. We have just the right tools and we want to help you.
Our multiple online magazines, news partners and distributors help us promote the brands that we partner with. We also help our partners model a strategy of how and when to roll out information to create the most impact.

Our PR Solutions

InfoSecurity Outlook
Fintech Outlook
Industry Marketwire

Strategy-Driven Content Marketing

Strategy-Driven Content Marketing

Content Marketing is primarily about telling a story and telling it effectively!

Whether this story is a background to your brand, an explanation of your products or a retelling of your experiences, “marketing” it, has to do a lot with making it relatable and reaching the right audiences.
Getting visibility and improving brand awareness require strategy – and we can help build that.
We also help distribute content and follow-through on a precisely sketched out plan – one that will make your content initiatives a definite success.
“Why is content important?” you may wonder. Your organization creates and sells technology – content is not remotely related to what you do.
However, content – the written word – is the primary mode of communication. Reaching out to the multitudes of end-users and appealing to their diverse tastes requires planning and an insight into the audiences’ minds.

Our content initiatives across our brands include -

What We Offer

We have honed the skill of Content Optimization. We can utilize the multiple facets of content to our benefit and we’re ready to let you in on the secret!
In the pursuit of excellence, we try not to cut corners. We promise to help you create a tailored content strategy and align it to your ROI milestones.
Alongside the content strategy, we will also show you how exactly to distribute the content – social media management is, generally, as easy as it sounds (if you know the secrets we do).
With our tailored content strategy and content solutions comes the promise of visible results. We will track the improvement you see in lead generation and present it as proof.

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